Welcome to MaybeSoPoetry!

I created maybesopoetry to share my musings about poetry and the writing life with an audience wider than my kid (who is actually super-insightful), my dog, and my three cats. It’s embarrassing to admit that I talk poetry with my cats, especially since I can’t abide their theories on post-modernism, but it’s a fact that the older I get the fewer people I have readily at hand to discuss writing, poetry, and literature.

I plan to also use this blog to review books and to promote the work of women poets and writers. As the youngest of three sisters, I’ve been inspired by women throughout my life. I’m drawn to women’s voices in poetry, and I’m amazed at the energy and innovation I see in their work. If you’re a poet or writer who would like me to consider reviewing your book on this blog, please contact me. Chapbooks are welcome, too! Down the line, I envision including in this blog feature articles and interviews with poets and writers I admire.

Because this is a new endeavor, I don’t know where it will lead me. It’s a bit scary to eschew conversation with my cats for the sake of a human readership, so I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read and respond to my posts here. I welcome the dialogue!

Thanks for visiting maybesopoetry!


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