A Message for the New Year

Dear Readers,

I haven’t had the opportunity to post on maybesopoetry in quite some time. My apologies to those who have inquired about book reviews. I hope to start up again in the future (perhaps the summer of 2016), but unfortunately, I can’t commit to writing reviews at this time.

If you’re interested in writing a post as a guest blogger, send me an email (Christina@christinaveladotapoetry.com). I’d love to add new voices to maybesopoetry. Keep in mind that I’m still considering submissions to The Homeless Poem Project. Click here to read the guidelines.

I also have some news to announce! My chapbook, Clutch & Brood, has just been released by Aldrich Press (an imprint of Kelsay Books). I have a new website up and running, if you’re interested in checking it out: http://www.christinaveladotapoetry.com/.

I wish happiness and love to all in 2016!


Photo (see above): Maybe, the blog’s muse


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